Web performance with  99% of internet users within 100ms

Fast DNS, accelerated content delivery

  • Easy to setup CDN
  • Cache static web content on the edge
  • Auto optimise images
  • Route on the fastest, least congested path
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Increase engagement & conversions, reduce costs

Every Cloudflare data centre runs an integrated stack of performance features which address the most common causes of poor performance. These features help solve many of the core problems that slow down the delivery of applications over the Internet.

From fast web address lookups to accelerated delivery to the origin server, Cloudflare speeds up traffic at key points in the life of a request.

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Cloudflare Trust Hub

holds policies, technologies, and certifications that help earn trust.

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Privacy baked in

Learn about Cloudflare policies, data localization products, and approaches to regulations.

GDPR & HIPAA Compliance

Cloudflare Pages

is a JAMstack platform for frontend developers to collaborate and deploy websites.


Extra mobile optimisation

Mobile clients introduce performance and content delivery constraints which hurt user experiences.

Deliver fast mobile experiences that increase engagement and conversions, regardless of distance to origin servers, device types, or network health.

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global expansion with Cloudflare security, access management and serverless solutions.

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with Cloudflare power 1,000,000 Storefronts on the Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year.

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tell the story of major wins amidst a global war on Internet infrastructure.