Canva powers global expansion with Cloudflare security, access management and serverless solutionsWith a recent valuation of $6 billion, Canva is the most valuable private technology business in Australia. The company‚Äôs graphic design platform is used by over 35 million people worldwide, including Hubspot, Warner Music Group and Skyscanner. Canva serves its community through an in-browser platform with free and subscription-based … Read More


Shopify + Cloudflare: Powering 1,000,000 Storefronts on the Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year For over one million businesses around the world, Shopify is the beating heart that drives their online retail storefronts. Powering everything from the consumer-facing shopping experience to backend logistics, Shopify’s platform facilitated over $183 billion in economic activity in 2016-18 alone, according to its recent Global Economic Impact report. If … Read More


Cloudflare’s access management, security, and serverless solutions minimise administrative burdens for Kathmandu’s engineering team Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Kathmandu is an international retailer of apparel and equipment for travel and outdoor activities. “Our products enable people to travel the world and be fully equipped for outdoor experiences,” explains James Deane, Web Development Manager. Kathmandu ships to 130 countries and … Read More